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​Through the Looking Glass

Fall Forward : One Lost Boy's Adventure chronicles the struggles the author faced growing up in an environment of prescription drug and alcohol abuse. It takes a hard look at his courage to overcome these struggles. We all start out life in a "handed to us" environment. This book gives a vivid account of the author’s desire for a better life. He started working at a young age out of the desire for his own independence.  Sports had provided the discipline he needed.  Along the way he finds the love of his life and his conflicting past collides with the person he longs to be. Nothing came easy. In a toxic environment you can’t rely or trust anyone. You learn that it’s up to you to fall forward.

When The Bough Deceived : mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur is a matrix style historical fiction that takes place between 4 BC and 33 AC.   It will be released in Spring 2019.